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Vol. 2, no. 2 (2015 September)

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Submitted by Friendly on Tue, 2015-09-22 22:34

One day in late June 2014, as that Scottish site was dying, I started an experiment.

I tried to see if I could run a cat social network at a lower price than what the Scottish site was paying.

Although we are not as big as they were, we are keeping the budget low. There are about 60 registered members, and almost 600 over 700 posts. Excluding June of 2014 (when the site was only around for four or five days), we are averaging over 42 total posts a month from over 8 accounts. (This September is a little lower, but it's not over yet.) A post in late June showed the top 10 regular posters for the first year .

You may notice the site looks a little different; a mobile-friendly responsive theme has been installed. This did not allow for the same user menu in the header, so that has been updated as well. Also, the navigation menu has been improved slightly (but not completely; I still need to fix the style).

As I mentioned in one of the comments, I am considering asking the candidates for President of the United States their views on issues important to cats and catlovers. It may not be the most important reason to choose a candidate, but it may be the difference between two almost equal candidates in the primaries, especially in years like this one when there are so so many.

Previously mentioned plans:

  • Promotional video demonstrating some of the features of the site
  • Mobile friendly version Google has updated search rankings for sites that are or are not mobile-friendly ; the new responsive theme makes it easier to read on a handheld device
  • Crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for some start-up and recurring costs associated with running the site
  • Cat-friendly advertising products for cats and catlovers, stores and websites that sell these
  • Top 10 list can be found here: Top 10 List
  • branded emails so you can have your own email.
  • login through facebook or twitter if you would prefer to do things that way

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