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October 2020

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Submitted by Friendly on Sat, 2020-10-03 01:58

Here are the kittydays and observances for October.

October National Animal Safety and Protection Month
October National Pet Wellness Month
October World Animal Month
October Black Cat Awareness Month
October Community Cat Shelter Reform Month
1-7 October Be Kind to Animals Week (Australia)
4-10 October Animal Welfare Week
4 October World Animal Day (feast of St Francis of Assisi)
7 October Cute Kitty Nose Day
13 October National Cookie Kitten Day
13-19 October National Veterinary Technician Week
14 October (2nd Wed) National Pet Obesity Awareness Day
16 October Global Cat DaySM (formerly National Feral Cat Day)
27 October National Black Cat Day (UK)
29 October National Cat Day (US)
29 October Internet created, 1969 -- we are, after all, on the internet

Daylight Saving Time in the parts of North America that observe it ends 2 hours after October does, early on November 1st. Summer Time in Europe and the UK ends on Sunday the 25th.

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