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Vol. i, no. 2 (2014 September)

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Submitted by Friendly on Mon, 2014-09-08 11:50

This is the second monthly newsletter for members of Aimable Cats.

New features

The clipart logo has been replaced with a gif based on a photo of Parker Prettykoshka, keeping the same background color to match the existing color scheme.

A Contact Us page has been added. The sitewide Contact us page has been added to the top menu on every page, so you can contact us from there. Details on how to use it can be found at . This is accessible to all users (even anonymous users or users who have not logged in), and has categories for general website feedback, login problems, other technical problems, and questions in French.

As part of your user profile, you now have the option to add a personal contact form, where logged-in users can send you an email without seeing your email address. This option is disabled by default but can be activated. The recipient will see the email address of the sender. The subject of the email will begin with [Aimable Cats] and contain the subject of the message. The text of the email will be something like this:

Hello Parker Prettykoshka,

Butler Prettycat (with a link to his profile page) has sent you a message via your contact form (with a link to your contact form) at Aimable Cat test site.

If you don't want to receive such e-mails, you can change your settings at (the edit user preferences page).

[the text of the message is then included]

You can now upload multiple images on blog posts and forum posts. Upload each image one at a time, and the system will resize them to fit the page and create a preview image for the teasers. The image(s) will appear at the bottom of the post. Animated gifs that do not need resizing will have the animation preserved.

In addition to images, you may include one YouTube or Vimeo video in these posts by adding the link in the Video field at the bottom. Both and links will work.
On a related note, the Aimable Cats YouTube channel is live and currently has some videos starring Parker Prettykoshka.

In part because they were causing errors and not allowing images in posts to upload properly, Statuses at the bottom of the page have been disabled. See for what to use instead.

I'm looking at increasing the size of user images (author name and picture) on ordinary posts. Until then, User popups have been added, so whenever you mouse over a username, a small mini-profile will appear. In addition, an author pane has been added to blog posts and forum posts when you click through to read more.

Newsletters such as this one are now being emailed automatically. To opt out, login and go to My Account to bring up your user profile. Click the Edit tab. On the top line under the tabs, you will have choices for Account and Newsletters. Clear the checkbox to stop the subscription. Alternatively, notify us by email.

If you can't log in...

If you are having trouble logging in, there are a few options. One option is to click the Request New Password link by the login field; this will provide you with a one-time login that must be used within 24 hours. After using this link, you will need to set a new password by going to the My Account page and the edit tab. Make sure all the required fields have been filled out before saving. Note that one desired username, as well as a display name, are required. These fields are in place due to the Email Registration module that will allow you to sign in with your email address rather than your username. If the 24 hours pass and you do not use the link, the link will expire and the old password will still work.

The other option is to use the Contact Us form. There is a specific category for Login Problems that will send the message to two of my email accounts, which should reduce the time until I see it. I can then reset it and send you the new password. You can then change it once you have logged in.

Plans for the site

I have prepared and will soon reveal a Top 10 List of reasons to join the site. Some of the reasons are features of the site; others are comparisons to other sites.
Soon, I intend to move the site to a new web address. You will all be informed, and I intend to keep the old site up to test new features. The new site will have its own domain.

So how will the site be supported? I intend to have cat-appropriate advertising on site. You may have noticed the blank banner ad and the boxes at the right; I also intend to have smaller classifieds in with the forums I will not, however, use ads from firms that track your every move online. Those of us who remember a certain Scottish site do not want our data being sold to everyone.

Another feature I intend to include is branded emails available for a paid subscription. There will be a web interface (possibly your choice of interfaces) for access to the email.

With my current web hosting agreement, I am not permitted to sell adverstising or emails. These features will not take effect until after I move to the new host and new address.

So to get this off the ground, I intend to hold a crowdfunding campaign. The plan is to offer email accounts, advertising space, and supporter mentions. Those who participate with an email account would receive a discount on their second year of email service. Some of the details have not yet been worked out, but there are no plans to charge for basic access to the site.

Once the campaign has raised sufficient funds, you will be able to login through your facebook or twitter account. Currently, you can use either your email address or your username in conjunction with your password to get in.

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