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End-of-life care

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Submitted by Butler Prettycat on Mon, 2016-08-29 11:51

How do they deal with end-of-life care ? Do they give you any advice (such as a checklist) on knowing whether or not the time has come? Do they explain the process of the cat's last vet visit ? Will they help Kitty across the Bridge in your home? Will they allow you in the room at the clinic while they help Kitty across the Bridge? What is provided after the passing -- a paw print ? ashes and a jar? the entire corpse? a memorial stone? more than one of the above? Will they also do this if the cat dies without the assistance of the vet?

Is there an indication in the clinic that one of their patients has made his last trip to the vet?
Do they ever hold a memorial service ? is it after each pet, or annually so the surviving humans can talk to others who have a cat shaped hole in their heart?

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