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If I had opposable thumbs...

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sat, 2017-03-04 00:46

Today is what if cats had opposable thumbs day. Here''S what I would do.

First, I'd be able to eat when I want and not have to wait for my human. He says some things about the clock but I don't really know why what the clock says means I can't eat. I'd open the cans and eat right from the can, probably.

I might type better than I do. Meow Out Loud I type with my paws, and I often type too many of the same letter. I haven't really learned which keys are where and what everything means. I don't know if thumbs would help as much as having separeate fingers.

I might even learn to write with a pencil. Or at least draw cats mice aand birdssssss. and tell him what kind of food I like. The pictures show what I do with a pencil now.

Let's see.... I might be able to climb up better. Sometimes I have to wait for him so I can jump on his back to get to the high places, but if I could hold the door better I could climb up without his help.

So what would you do with opposoble thumbs ?

cat chewing on mechanical pencil
cat chewing on mechanical pencil again


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I can see how this would help us type better and hold pens and pencils so we could write and draw. I think I'd like to be able to paint beautiful pictures and hold and use some tools to create useful things like kitty houses and climbing towers etc. It would help to have separate fingers also but I am sort of attached to having paws with sharp claws. Looks like you do quite well holding that pencil with your teeth. I once saw a picture of a human holding a pencil in their mouth and using it to draw a picture on some paper. I am sure it took them lots of practice.

and they could use the treat jar gain. Sometimese I can knock the treats off the counter, but sometimes when that happens the jar braeks.

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