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D -- Drink

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Submitted by Seshat on Wed, 2017-04-05 14:35

Drink- Drinking is VERY important! You don't EVERY want to become dehydrated!! Then you will have to go see the Man who Tastes like Chicken!! Always make sure your HOOMAN changes your bowl and gives you fresh water EVERY DAY!! Some Kitties like fountain's and some Kitties like the driipies from the faucet!! Brofur Kephri likes to play in the sink and some times so do I!!

Also make sure you HOOMAN doesn't put your food and water together,, we don't like that!! Hooman's are NOT very smart you know!! Drinking is VERY important, sometimes if you go to see The Man who Tastes like Chicken and you have to have a pill you need to Drink extra drinks! So make sure you get lot's of DRINKS!! it's very important!!

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my human puts my water in the bedroom and feeds me in the bathroom. He also gives me bottled water that has warmed to room temperature and he tells me I'm a good kitty when he hears me drinking. Smile

(Sometimes it's the bottles that he didn't finish the night before.)

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When we lived on the farm, he would bring us water. But we would also get our own sometimes... from the ponds or the creek.

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Mommy lets the water run a little in the bathroom tub so Satin can jump in the tub and get plenty of fresh water from the tub faucet. Satin does not like to drink out of our water bowls. Shadow prefers to drink from the kitchen faucet. Me, well I will drink the water from the bowls or from the tap faucet as long as it is clean and fresh.

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