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K -- Kittens

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Submitted by Seshat on Thu, 2017-04-13 15:07

K is for KITTENS!!! What better K word is there? Kittens are little and cute and cuddly and soft and make tiny meows. And NOBODY can resist a KITTEN!!
I say that since k for kittens also falls on Throwback Thursday we all post our Baby pictures!!!

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You can't tell it's me in the first one, but we're all in the carrier. My sister Blackie is the big cat. I'm on his lap in the second one.

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These were taken the same day as the Parker lap picture. In the first, I'm standing with my niece little Blackie. In the second, I'm outside the shed, hiding in the grass.

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Nearly all our kitten pictures were on mommy's old computer or were lost when that Cuteness sight went down and took away all our pictures. One day mommy will try to find some of our earlier pictures on the old computer if she can even access them now. She has some stored pictures on some of her old camera chips and will have to check them out also. Mommy misses her old Polaroid camera when she could take nice large colored pictures of all of us and keep them safe in an old fashioned picture album. Mommy still misses the other kittens she named and fostered: Sugar Bear, Cookie, Tootsie, and Cindy Bear. They were Satin and Blackberry's sibblings. They meowed a lot and followed her everywhere.

There aren't very many pictures of me. The phone he had at the time could only store about 130 pictures, and he couldn't get them to a computer until he got the new phone later. And there were a lot of pictures of the inside cats.

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Meowmy lost my kitten pictures from 16 years ago Frown They got lost because we moved so much. This topic reminded me of learning in Kitty Klub that a group of kittens is a Kindle Big Smile

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