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T -- Toes

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Mon, 2017-04-24 16:58

T is for toes.

Jonathan Toes is a hockey player for the Chicago Black Hawks who played college hockey for the University of North Dakota.


What, that's Toews? Oh my cat!

Oh. Okay, Toes Smile Big Smile Meow Out Loud of course.

Those things at the end of our paws that the humans like to play with Joke and the ticks like to bite Mad .

Some people think that kitty toes look like teddy bears. My toes are mostly black, but I have some pink toes. Some cats have all pink or all black toes. Some grey kitties have grey toes, and torties have their tortoiseshell pattern continue onto their toes.

Cats can put our claws away so they stay sharp. All felines except for cheetahs can do that. This also means we can swat you with a paw when we are only mildly upset with you.

(Dogs keep their claws out all the time, so they scratch you when they don't think they want to.)

teddy bear toes!
pink and black kitty toes
black kitty toes
dark kitty toes on dark paw
cat on top of cat carrier showing toes

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