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Boxes -- International Box Day

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Wed, 2019-06-19 06:07

Wednesday the 19th is International Box Day, so here are a few thoughts about boxes (with pictures).

Most of what I found searching online for International Box Day was from kitty bloggers in the past ten years, but National Today also had some information.

The first cardboard and paperboard boxes date from 1817. The first pre-cut cardboard box came out in 1890. And in 2005, the National Toy Hall of Fame inducted the cardboard box, mentioning shoe boxes, small boxes, and large boxes.

I like boxes that are just big enough for me, although sometimes larger boxes can be fun too. When we were born, Smudge went into a box. This was the same box she had had a previous litter in. When he brought another box out to the shed for us, Butler got into it and I had to sit on top. I have enjoyed several boxes here and at the other apartment. Some were not designed for me to sit in. Sometimes my ball toy gets in a box and I have to get it out one way or another. Oh, and at the right height, cardboard boxes are fun to scratch on. The first time he tried to make me a tower out of boxes so I could see out the window, I noticed the box before the tower Meow Out Loud . And he sometimes brings me new boxes to sit in or on or play with, too. The one box is up on my shelf where I have to jump on his back to get there.

His previous kitties have also liked boxes. Sometimes, they like empty boxes; other times, they prefer something cozier.

Do you have a favorite box?

Sandy Cat in a shoebox
Sandy Cat in a Christmas Box
kittens in a box
Kitty in a box
Midge hiding in a box
Midge in a box
Midge in a box
Smudge in a box with kittens
Butler in a box
Parker on a box
cat in eggo box with blue ball
cat in eggo box with green ball
cat in stack of boxes
cat on box on fridge
cat in Priority Mail box
box that a cat has scratched
cat looking for green ball in box
cat sleeping in box of clothes
cat in Kleenex® box
personal paper shredder
cat sitting in a box
cat sitting on a box tower
sleeping in a box on a shelf
sitting in a box on a shelf
cat sitting on a shoebox

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