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June 2020

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Submitted by Friendly on Mon, 2020-06-01 00:00

Here are the kittydays and observedy days for June.

All June   Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
All June   National Microchip Month (UK)
All June   International Community Cat Rescuers Month
All June   National Pet Preparedness month
June 1-7   Pet Appreciation Week
June 2   Tick control awareness day (state of Rhode Island [and Providence Plantations])
June 4   International Hug a Kitty Day (to go along with the two similar days in May)
June 9 or 14   World Pet Memorial Day
June 11   Just One Day (without shelter euthanasia)
June 15   World Catnip Awareness Day
June 19-25   Animal Rights Awareness Week
June 17   Take Your Cat to Work Day®
June 19   International Box Day
June 19   Garfield®'s birthday
June 19   National Pets in Film Day
June 22-28   Take Your Pet to Work Week ™
June 24   Cat World Domination Day
June 26   Aimable Cats first appeared online, 2014
Sat June 27   World Day against Pet Abandonment
June 28   @ParkerPrettycat's twbirthday (twitter birthday)
June 30   Multiple Pet Day
National Holidays
June 14   Flag Day (US)
June 23   Luxembourg
June 24   Québec

La fête des mères / Mothers' Day in France is on June 7th.


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