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My new discovery!

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Submitted by Little Man McDonald on Fri, 2014-08-08 02:54

I've found out that if I cough up my hairballs from the top of the 6 foot bookcase I get maximum splattage!! Meowmy isn't as impressed as I am Big Smile

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That's a good one, Little Man McDonald! MOL!  I'll bet Mom isn't too pleased.  Hairballs used to gross my Mama out pretty bad, but I didn't barf up that many anyway.  Don't worry.  *I'm* impressed!  I wish I'd have tried that when I was at home in Phoenix.  I had a big, tall bookcase I used to lie on.  wink

Purrs & gentle headbumps,
Angel Malachi

Every day is a good day with a Bombay!

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OK, even better, last night meowmy unwittingly set her clean laundry basket at the base of my bookcase. She watched from across the room as I scored a hit MOL!!!!

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I got sick up on top of the cupboards one time. He had to just guess at what he was cleaning Meow Out Loud

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