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Submitted by Shadow Owens on Wed, 2014-08-27 00:32

Mom ordered me a new collar the other day. It should come tomorrow. She got me an orange one this time instead of the usual red or blue. She says it'll make me look more like a "Halloween kitty". She hasn't gotten much writing done lately. She'd wanted to work on it over the weekend but she ended up car shopping with her mom. Thankfully her mom's finally gotten herself a new car so Mom won't have to give her rides so often anymore. Mom also got herself a new toy - a Wii U game system. I'm not sure why, she hasn't really played video games in a while. She says there are some games coming out for it that she's really interested it, though, like games in the Legend of Zelda series. And she just ordered something called Wii Fit U, that she thinks will help her start exercising like she keeps intending to do. All I can say is, good luck, and get back to writing and put that cat in the book already, Mom!


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