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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Mon, 2015-03-09 17:56

Three years ago yesterday was the last time I went into the shed where I was born.

Evidently, our human went out there early to feed the cats and I was late. He did come back out to see me, and I sat on his lap for a little bit. Big Sister Rico was trying to get into a box like the one we were born in. Finally, he convinced Butler to jump down onto his lap so I would leave and he could go about the rest of his day.

When he came back for dinner, Rico was nursing some newborn kittens in the middle of the floor (on a blanket, I think). I saw what was happening and I left. He couldn't carry me into the shed after that.

He fed me wherever he could find me... on the hay bales, in the big barn, on some ruin foundations, at the edge of the woods. I started sleeping in the hay bales across the road, where eventually all the other kitties came.

He also wrote about that day at his old cat blog.

Photo: Most of us up on the roof of the shed. Butler is off to the side.



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