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Somethings up :/

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Submitted by Frits on Tue, 2014-07-08 19:22

Hi furfriends! Sieniemienie here...
Me thinks it's that time of the year again...hoomins are putting all sort of clothes in a big box...when they do that they always dissappear shortly after. Hmmmm do those hoomins also go searching fur beautiful kitties like my brofur Fritsie does???


Mmmmm, well, I'm sure I heard Mummy say something about having not enough place for all those clothes in that big box... Will be somewhere "in August". Do you know where that place August is? Heart


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When my human packed and disappeared a couple months ago, he took me to the vet and I spent T,W,T,F -- four nights there. What the Cat? He came back to get me on Saturday morning. When I heard his voice, I started telling him how awful it was Mad until we were safely back at home. Smile

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