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throwback pic - Easter 2014

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sun, 2015-04-05 17:59

For the past couple of years, my human has taken me next door to get my picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Really it's just a person in a bunny suit.

This year, they were having trouble with their printer, so they have not yet printed the pictures or turned the digital copies over to the vet tech who emails them out on behalf of the rescue group.

The rescue group is Hands 4 Paws and they are on Faceybk and the web at .

Cat with easter bunny
Cat with easter bunny again


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I heard he got the printout when he stopped by the vet this afternoon. Once the vet tech who works with the rescue group gets off work, she'll email the electronic versions. Smile

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