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Snowy Sunday

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sun, 2016-02-14 22:18

It's snowing here today.

My human saw the grey feral that lives around here. He came by the front of the apartment, so human took some food out onto the porch. I came to the door when he was out there. As he opened it to come in, I put my paw in the snow. My fur looked not-so-white-as-snow. I also got a few flakes on my back. He picked me up and took me inside. I went and sat on his bed for a while whilst he was on the computer in the other rooom . (I said while while the first time and that didn'T look right.)

Then I heard another kitty. He went out again, and an orange tabby came and sniffed his feet. The kitty had a young human with it who called the cat [Bobby]. I sniffed him when he came in.

Then, of all the nerve ! What the Cat? a bird came to the pile of cat food to eat some. Birds are supposed to be cat food, not eat it. Mad and it wasn't what the human would call a pretty bird, either.

Anyway, here are the pawprints and the bird prints around the food on the porch.

updated -- Bob/Bobby, not Billy.


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