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G -- Grey

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Submitted by Friendly on Sat, 2016-05-28 23:04

G is for Grey. Some people also spell it Gray.

Grey kitties. Some are solid grey; some are grey tabby; some are grey tuxedos. I'm mostly solid grey with a white spot on my neck and some stripes on my feet.

There are about eight genes that control the color of a cat's fur. In order to come out grey, a cat must be not Pure White (which is recessive), not orange (recessive), and dilute color rather than dense color (dense is dominant, which would give a black cat). Grey cats can be solid like me, tuxedo like my older siblings Tasha and Nospot or the feral who sometimes visits my human, or even tabby like the first grey cat he knew, called Brillo.

Famous grey cats include Earl Grey of Catopia, leader of the Tuxedo Party of Canada; Nora the Piano Cat; Hamilton Hipster Cat; Sockington; Nermal, the kitten who bothers Garfield; and Pusheen. I am sure there are many others I am leaving out.

A partial list of grey Aimable Cats includes me, Seshat, Smokey the Baby Attorney at Claw, the Kitten who does the Advertising posts

Grey cats don't quite get the recognition of other kitties. A quick search finds Black Cat Appreciation Day, Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, National Tabby Cat Day, National Feral Cat Day, National Siamese Cat Day, but no Grey cat day. Frown Actually, a search for Grey cat day brought up results for black cat day. Mad Maybe we should start one.

On the other hand, some people like grey cats better than black cats. When he tried to find homes for the kittens of Parker and Butler's generation, the grey cats were among the first to find homes.

In the pictures:

  1. Tasha (with white spot) and Nospot
  2. My littermate sister Pretty Gray Lady
  3. Rico on our human's lap
  4. Gracie, born after I was; she's still around the farm
  5. Graham, (Rico's son?) born about the time I was, and adopted into a home
  6. Aimable Cat Anubis, OTRB, seen at/on the computer (with his own picture as the wallpaper) from an old post
  7. the virile feral that lives in Parker's neighborhood
gray kittens in a box
gray kitten
gray cat on a lap
gray cat
small grey kitten on a chair
gray cat sitting on computer
grey tuxedo outside feral cat


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Gray cats are sometimes called blue. Also some are called silver. I haven't followed enough cat shows to know all the shades of gray for cats.

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