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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sun, 2016-06-12 13:35

W is for Windows. (I'm talking more the Quaker, Pella, or Marvin, or Andersen windows than the Microsoft kind.) Windows let us see what is going on in the world. If there are birds out there, sometimes we start chirping at them. Sometimes we even forget that there's glass in the window and we try to jump at the birds (he saw you, Binx). We can sit next to windows. Sometimes we sit in windows. Sometimes our humans help us look out the windows by giving us places to sit. This can be in the form of a box, like I have, or a suction-cup cat seat, like Binx has at the vet clinic. If there's a cat on the other side of the window, we can sometimes say hello through the window.

When I lived in the shed, there was a window at the front we could look out. There was also one in the back we couldn't very easily, but I tried once. When the windows are open, we can sniff the fresh air and hear the birds and other animals... and sometimes our humans. If there isn't a screen, we can go through open windows like we can open doors.

The other thing that sometimes happens with windows... birds sometimes fly into windows if they think they can fly all the way through the house. A stunned bird is easier for a cat to catch and eat (a human can even catch a bird that has knocked himself out on a window), but they can break the windows sometimes, and we don't like that.



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Here's the window in the shed that we sometimes looked out from. Nokitty was there when the picture was taken.


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