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Z -- Zoomies

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Tue, 2016-06-14 13:35

Z is for zoomies. Those times when inside cats have so much energy that we have to zoom to another room. Twitter celebrity Cat Food Breath has two versions -- Elephants in the Hallway and Rhinos on the Stairs.

When we were outside cats, we had to run when we chased our prey, or when we took our prey out of its nest to get away from our prey's family. Now that we are inside, we don't need that anymore. Some cats who live with other cats get the chance to chase each other. Binx tried to play rough with me when he lived here; now he sometimes plays rough with Ranger.

As mentioned in the Recreation post, if we don't get enough exercise in the evenings, we may run around in the overnight hours when our humans are trying to sleep. So our humans should give us something to chase to get all our energy out when it won't wake them.

But when we really get the zoomies, we can zoom around. Cats can run at 31 mph (our cousins the cheetahs can make 68 mph easily, and lions can run at 50 while chasing antelopes). For comparison, Usain Bolt's world record speed for humans is about 29 ½ mph. And some of us really look good when we run.

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