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Tuesday afternoon

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Submitted by Binx on Tue, 2016-07-12 21:46

This tuesday afternoon we got some food delivered to the clinic. They put it in the closet, but they left the door open while they went back for the next batch and called those petowners to tell them it was in.

So I had to explore the closet

But when I was in the closet,

a bird came to eat at the bird feeder. So I chirped at it a couple of times, then I ran across the room to pounce at it. The window glass was all that kept me from getting to it before it flew away.

(It was one of those silly mourning doves who never read the birdbook that said they only eat on the ground.)

Mercy didn't like that I ran so close to her, and she growled or hissed at me. Also at the next human hand to pet her.

cat in closet
cat looking out window at birdfeeder


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