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6. Vote Cat!

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Submitted by Friendly on Thu, 2014-12-18 00:15

All of your links for voting for your favorite cats online are in one place: The Vote Cat! forum.

Can't remember who to vote for in the Modern Cat contest? Is the cat at WCIU Cat vs. Dog somekitty we know? Are there any special elections coming up like the Friskies or the Petties? Have you yourself entered an online contest and want the support of your fellow Aimable Cats? Impressed by putting one of these candidates over the 1000 vote threshhold?

Links to all kinds of cat elections can be found and posted in the Vote Cat! forum. These posts can be commented on just like any blog post can.



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Awesome! I love this idea! We can go on this blog whenever we have the time and do all our voting instead of it taking up miles and miles of FB news! Kim (Onyx and Zane's mom)

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