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Vol 4., no. 1 (2017 May)

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Submitted by Friendly on Sat, 2017-05-13 19:59

Newish look

Some of the things might look a little different when you visit the site. First, the Login is in the User Menu at the end of the Main Menu at the top. If you click on User Menu when not logged in, you will be able to login, request a new password, or create a new account.

Once you log in, you will see your current profile picture in the header. You can click on that to be taken to your profile page. The User Menu will now link to your profile as well. If you hover on that user menu, you will see Messages, which will take you to Messages (and headbonks) and Log Out. These three options are also found in the triptych at the bottom of the page, just above the footer.

Relationships (furriends) are no longer in the menu. That feature has been removed, as that was causing problems. I may bring something like that back later if our group gets larger.

Also from the what's-no-longer-there department, the chat has been removed. I could not update it properly or restore it to how it was working before. The option to remember your login information has also been removed, as it led to certain users losing their profile picture on login. Oh my cat!

A to Z challenge

During the month of April, we participated in an A-to-Z challenge, with one letter-appropriate post per day, excluding the first four Sundays. Seshat provided 11 of the letters; Butler provided 7; Parker, 6; and Friendly and Breezy Belle, 1 each. The index can be found at ; each post has links to the previous and following letter, as well as the book index.

Other posts

Here are some other recent and semi-recent posts you may have missed.

My demands yesterday / by Parker Prettykoshka.
I made some demands of my human yesterday. He was late coming home in the afternoon.

EUREKA ! / by Ruger and Tippi
trip to the farm / by Parker Prettykoshka
My human's father had a birthday [a couple weeks ago], so we went to go see him. Since there are a lott more buggers at the farm, he got an order of my flea medisine at his vet. But I wasn't sleeping calmly enough for him to put it on me before we left.
Typing and more typing from Parker
Breezy Belle wishes all her friends a Very Happy Easter.
Breezy Belle just got back on line.
So what do you do if Kitty gets into something he shouldn't... (Poison control)
and Common poisons that make cats sick / by Butler
Pictures of Breezy as a cuddly kitten.
Secret Agent Kitty and many other posts in the Forums / by Seshat

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