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weekend at the farm

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Wed, 2015-08-12 20:46

My human took me to the farm this weekend.

I spent most of the time in that room, but he did let me out a little into the rest of the house. I saw a couple other humans that I think remembered fed me once.
I got to jump up on his back and onto the bookshelf or the top window. I did not see the big house cat, and I did not see the little house cat very much -- he's been locked in the basement a lot because of some things that his people don't like.

I did not see my mother, but my human saw her, and it smells like she spent some time on my human's lap. I didn't smell any of the other cats.

He got me a new bandana to wear for the trip. It smells like kitty hormones.

We went home, and I saw him get some food for me when we went in to the Pet food store.


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I'm glad your Mom is OK Big Smile Do we get to see pics of your new bandana?

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He came outside on a couple of the mornings. He came to look at my grave, and he also sat with our mother Smudge for a while. I might post that video later. Rico ran away and hid under the tractor, but Gracie and New Blackie stayed around.

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He took it off just after I was done with the trip. In fact, I had it off most of the time I was at the farm, and he just put it on for traveling.

I'm glad he visited your grave Butler!!! that was nice of him!! And Parker that is a nice bandana!! you are such lucky kitties to have a nice human!! Kitty Kisses from Seshat

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