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Submitted by Friendly on Fri, 2014-06-27 03:46

Welcome to Aimable Cats. Use this forum to introduce yourself.

So many of us farm kitties were pretty that they started calling our mother The Mother of All Pretty Cats, so that became our family name. They used the Russian tradition of a patronymic (or matronymic, actually) to keep track of who was from which litter; Russians also have feminine endings on most family names. Butler Prettycat and Parker Prettykoshka were born the litter before me -- they in March 2011, I in late July 2011. Butler crossed the rainbow bridge in June 2012; I wandered off at the end of July about the time of my birthday. Parker left the farm and is now an inside cat.

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We are 11 kitties -- all adopted or rescued. . . there are 6 girls and 5 boys. . . we are all fixed and indoor only babies. . .two of us are polydactyls. . .

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He there Vegeta and Clan, all eleven of you! You remember me from showmeCats, don't you? I'm so happy to be on this forum with you. May you have a very blessed afternoon.

Every day is a good day with a Bombay!

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I am new, just today, and signed up with hopes of seeing my showmeCats furiends. As you might know, I was named King of CatChannel in November 2013, therefore the "K" in my name. I am very glad to be here and look forward to meeting old and new furiends.

Every day is a good day with a Bombay!

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Hi there Angel Malachi
Seems we are running into each other all over the place
Purrs my furend

Yep, trying to find out how everything works in here...

Hugs from Linda and Mika


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Dear Linda and Mika,
Thank you for answering my catmail. Yep, we are still learning our way around the site, too. It sure is good to see you. Hope you all have a very blessed night and sweet dreams.

Purrs & kitty kisses,
Angel K.Malachi

Every day is a good day with a Bombay!

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Hi all. Shadow Owens and her mom Jeanne are here from SMC to check this place out Smile

Shadow and mom Jeanne

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I am a small, 4 year old Tortie girl. Some of you may know me from SMC and from Pussycat Friends. I am trying to learn my way around this new site. I was rescued from a kill shelter in SC, fostered in NY and now I live with my forever family in Missoula, Montana. Here I have 7 sisters and 1 bro fur. I arrived in Montana on April 23, 2013, so that is my Gotcha Day. We celebrate my birthday on September 18th (We not sure of the exact day). I am a happy kitty and I hope to make lots of friends here. Love, Breezy Belle

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My last Blog posted three (3) times! I must have pawed "save" too many times. Is there any way to delete the extra blogs? I did not see a delete button. I'd like to keep one blog & picture and delete the other two.

I deleted your extra comments.

It is possible for you to edit your comment and delete the picture and all the text (or replace all the text with something much shorter).

Also, you can create another blog entry. See for instructions.

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Hello my name is Smokey, I am an attorney. Smokey the Baby Attorney at Claw! I represent kitties in disputes with the parents, we sue for crunchies and nip, if you've got any questions or would like to hire me feel free to shoot me a message.

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You are a friend to keep in touch with fur sure! Our Dad is pretty good with treats, nip and play but you never know when a hooman will slack off. If they would stop that idiotic "work" and take more naps they would be better off in my humble opine
I will endeavor to not allow the family to contact you for frivolous complaints as I just caught Buddy starting a "20 treat breaks a day" missive.

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I am the Top cat here at the Tomcat Home. Be aware we have a Queen who goes by Miss Fitz and so if you stop by be polite or you may find out from whence that name comes. Myself, 5 brofurs and said sisfur live in the wilds of PA and are all rescue's or failed fosters.
Have a Purrfect week
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