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long visit of the virile feral

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Thu, 2017-02-23 22:58

The Virile Feral spent some time on the porch on Wednesday.

The human was able to get some good video, and a little bit of not-so-good video Smile . I watched some too. The black kitty is Kittles. I don't think Shtinky the tabby was around for this part. The human was able to put some food out, and he ate it (that's the clip at the end of the video).

Bob the orange kitty did not come out yesterday, but did show up on my porch this afternoon. He even jumped up on the window sill so I could almost smell him.

visit of the Virile Feral


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How many ferals come to visit you? Do they ever let your human pet them? So gad they are being well fed. They look very healthy. Do they have a warm shelter to go to when the weather turns cold or stormy? My human mommy used to feed over 20 ferals when she lived acroos town about 10 years ago. Now mommy feeds these wild bunny rabbits that hang out in this court. She feeds them carrots, apples and lettuce. She can get real close to them now and they don't try to run from her now. We still have lots of snow and the nights can get very cold and the bunnies can't find much grass under all this snow. Mommy loves all animals and she saved me from the streets of SC and had me brought to Montana to live with her. There are 8 of us kitties here. Sweet little Midnight went to the Rainbow Bridge in mid August of 2016. We miss her very much. Wishing you, your family and all the feral kitties a nice weekend. Love and purrs from Breezy Belle

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Very cute, has your Mommy gotten any pictures of the bunnies yet? Are they very big? Meowmy is taking a break from packing the U-Haul, we leave for Tacoma in the morning, I'm so excited! So we look forward to seeing pics of you guys and chatting again soon, loves you!

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Wishing you a safe and happy move to Tacoma, Washington. Will look forward to hearing more about your move. Sorry mommy has no pictures of the bunnies. Maybe when the weather gets warmer she can take some. Has not used her little camera for quite awhile. I am being lazy on this Caturday. Have a great weekend and take care. Love and purrs from Breezy Belle

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Cyril is the only truly feral kitty around, and he won't often stay around if he knows the human is watching. If you remember the post from a couple weeks ago , Cyril was under the pine trees in most of those pictures. Bob lives inside most of the time. Kittles does [too], but won't let my human pet him. Shtinky will let my human pet him, but it took a few months.

Although my parents were outside cats, my mother is probably better classed as a stray than a feral. My grandmother and Mama Kitty (Truffles's mother) were abandoned housecats who weren't fixed. My father came to the shed to eat and sleep, but never let the human pet him, not even while eating. He left the shed when I was born. (I left the shed when Rico had kittens the next spring, but he kept searching for me to make sure I got to eat.)

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I hope Cyril will tame down soon. It took 4 months before mommy could pet my bro fur Tuffy once she brought him inside. He is very tame now and loves to be petted. Thank you for telling us about the history of your family. So nice to meet Bob, Kittles, and Shtinky. Wishing you all a happy weekend. Take care. Love and purrs from Breezy Bell

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