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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Tue, 2014-09-30 01:33

First, he put the carrier on the bed before he left this morning.

When he got back in the afternoon, he gave me a little less dinner than usual. He then tried to get me to go into the carrier, it seemed like a reasonable idea, so I went in and sat down. He then closed the door and took me down to the car. We took a short ride, then we got out and went into the vet. He set me down next to Mercy, [an] old tortie. I didn't like her and somekitty growled (my typist has forgotten which one of us). He then set me on the counter, where Binx came to look at me. The one vet tech who had been talking to my person about me left, and the other one came to finish the information. We then went back to the little exam and surgery room. I did not want to come out of my carrier; they had to take the top off. I weighed 7 lb 11 ½ oz. (3.50 kg for those of you who don't know pounds) Then I went back on the floor and hid in the corner. Finally the vet came in. They tried to distract me with liver paste when they were giving the shots. They looked in my ears too. They think I'm ok. Ranger tried to come in while I was there.

They had some dog in the other exam room as I we were leaving. He looked pugly.

I saw Binx again when we stopped at the counter on the way out.

We then went back home. He let me out of the carrier right away and he fed me the rest of my dinnner.


It was nice to see you again. Sorry I didn't say goodbye, but I had to chase Ranger.

I get fed later on Mondays because they are open later.

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Everything went well. Smile The vet tech called this afternoon to say my poop test came back free from parasites. I heard the message on the answer machine Meow Out Loud

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